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Intruder Alarm System

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Is your home or office security becoming a nightmare? Are thefts in the neighborhood becoming too common? Protect your homes, offices and assets from burglars and thefts with the most advanced intruder alarm security systems.

What Is An Intruder Alarm?

It’s a system that monitors and detects any unauthorized entry or motion into the property and sends out an immediate alert to the central control panel which further informs the property owners and concerned people. The control panel installed in the premise also raises a loud alarm to alert the neighbours. The motion or break-in is detected by sensors installed in the premise.

We provide both – Wired and Wireless – latest GSM based Intruder alarm systems.

Intrusion alarm system products include :

Microprocessor based Main Control Panel

Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensors

Glass break Detectors / Multi function sensors

Magnetic Door sensors

Outdoor motion detectors

Smoke and heat (Fire) detectors

Gas leakage sensors

Shutter sensors

Siren / Hooter

Wireless keyfob

GSM Auto Dialer

Panic switch

We are Authorized partners for world-class renowned Intrusion Alarm brands like: